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CHARLESKEITH.COM offers a wide range of fashion forward footwear, bags and accessories including belts, sunglasses, bracelets, and tech accessories. Customers may shop for stylish shoes, bags and accessories suited for every occasion, from a day in the office to a casual weekend or glamorous dinner. CHARLESKEITH.COM also carries exclusive colours and designs of bags, shoes, necklaces and bracelets that are only available via the online store and not in any of the CHARLES & KEITH retail or departmental stores.

CHARLESKEITH.COM ships to over 70 delivery destinations worldwide. Payment via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal is accepted. Promotions, including free shipping and discounts, exclusive to the online store are available throughout the year.

Designed with customers’ needs in mind, CHARLESKEITH.COM aims to provide a seamless online shopping experience with its minimalist aesthetic and smooth website flow. To shop more efficiently, customers can filter the products by category, material, colour, size, and price range. Each shoe, bag and accessory comes with product details, a short description and images of the product as well as models wearing the product for better visualisation. For customers who are new to the site, a Customer Care section, which includes details on the shipping charges, returns and exchanges, size guide, product care tips and frequently asked questions, is available for more information.

We look forward to working with fashion affiliates from throughout the region, so hurry and join our program now.

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Only applicable for participating markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
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The CHARLES & KEITH (“C&K”) data library (“Data Library”) contains photographs, artwork, banners and other material (“Creative Content”) relating to the online campaigns of the brand C&K conducted through The Affiliate Gateway / Collinson (Latitude) Pte Ltd (“TAG”). “Authorised Affiliates” shall mean websites, persons or entities which have been authorised by C&K to provide online marketing via TAG’s Click-Through Referrals and View-Through Referrals programs (“Programs”).

By accessing this Data Library, you warrant and represent that you have been authorised to accept these terms and conditions for and on behalf of the Authorised Affiliate and the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Creative Content shall only be used for the authorised Programs approved by C&K (“Approved Campaigns”). You shall use the Creative Content exclusively for the purpose of illustrating promotions, offers and information for the Approved Campaigns, always provided that: (i) use of the Creative Content coincides with the availability of the product, promotion or campaign featured on the C&K website; (ii) clear indication that the Creative Content featured is for C&K; and (iii) no photographs, images, artwork, banners are to be taken from C&K website for the Approved Campaigns.

The Creative Content shall not: (i) be used for any purposes, or in any other media or publication, other than for the Authorised Affiliate; (ii) be incorporated with any other promotion, marketing campaign or offer conducted by the Authorised Affiliate unless specific written consent is granted for such purposes. Please send such requests to; (iii) be altered, amended and/or transformed, except for such non-substantial alterations or amendments which are strictly necessary for the adjustment of the Creative Content to the format on which there are included; (iv) be used in a manner that may denigrate or be detrimental to the public perception of C&K, or any other companies related to C&K; (v) be used by in any manner not specifically set out in these terms and conditions; and (vi) be used by any party apart from the Authorised Affiliate. Items (iv) and (v) shall be determined by C&K in its absolute discretion, acting reasonably.

Rights to Creative Content

All rights over the Creative Content are reserved to C&K. You and the Authorised Affiliate are granted a license to use the Creative Content subject to these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, no ownership rights over the Creative Content are granted by this license to you or the Authorised Affiliate.

Upon receiving the written notice of C&K, you and the Authorised Affiliate undertake to take all commercially reasonable measures to cease use of the Creative Content.


You and/or the Authorised Affiliate warrant to i) not resell any C&K products; ii) not engage in any fraudulent transactions; iii) Engage in Search Engine Marketing for C&K products; iv) comply with all applicable laws; v) strictly adhere to all terms and conditions herein; and vi) comply with all directions, instructions and guidelines provided by C&K.


You and the Authorised Affiliate shall be liable for the all damages, costs, fees and expenses that may arise out of the unauthorised use of the Creative Content and/or breach of these terms and conditions, and shall hold C&K harmless against any claims that may arise out of the breach of these terms and conditions or misuse of the Creative Content and/or breach of these terms and conditions.

Amendment and Revocation

C&K reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke or amend at any time the abovementioned authorisation or these terms and conditions. C&K reserves the right to take legal measures against you or the Authorised Affiliate for any use of the Creative Content (i) that do not comply with these terms and conditions, (ii) that infringes any intellectual or industrial property rights, copyrights of C&K; or (iii) that breaches any applicable law.
Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by Singapore law. Each of the parties irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.


Commissions shall only be payable for sales in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. Sales to other countries shall not be commissionable.

C&K reserves the right to not pay any commissions to you and/or the Authorised Affiliate should there be any breach of this terms and conditions herein.