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14/06/2017 Gleann Mόr

The Affiliate Gateway is pleased to introduce the Gleann Mόr Affiliate Program.
Gleann Mόr has two main brands, “A Rare Find” & Firkin Gin

About the brands:
Rare Find
Gleann Mόr whiskies are both rare and sought after. Our criteria for selection include rarity and maturity, but above all - flavour. Then we personally take a sample from each cask; this is nosed, tasted and approved before the expression is bottled at cask strength, one cask at a time.
Whether taken from a barrel, a hogshead or a butt, because these are single cask expressions, availability is sometimes limited to less than 100 bottles, often no more than 300 bottles. True to our vision, each bottle is then hand labelled and wax sealed by hand. The distinctive label indicates the hand distillation and bottling date, the cask number, the number of bottles, strength and region of origin.
Our single cask whiskies are completely unique and offer an ever-changing variety of flavours and taste sensations.

Firkin Gintm
Since launching in 2015, FIRKIN gin has enjoyed rapid growth, establishing itself as a quirky premium gin for the back bar and any gin shelf. FIRKIN Gin’s distinctive bottle and unique colour sets the tone for this interesting spirit and creates a talking point with consumers.

Crafted in small batches, we’re proud to stand out from the crowd. FIRKIN is not just another ‘craft gin’, but rather a four times distilled gin with an identity of its own; a taste like no other... a genuine rarity... a mix of heritage and progressive attitude. FIRKIN is a great-tasting spirit with an oriGINal Scottish twist... a marriage of oak and time, crafted by expertise.
Because there are only around 250 bottles created in each batch, we can give the proper care and attention needed to turn every bottle into something really quite brilliant. True to our vision, our bottles are all individually filled, corked, sealed, labelled and waxed by hand.
The result of our process is a perfect spirit which is bottled at 46% abv, with each batch having its own completely unique cask genre character.

Reasons to promote Gleann Mόr:
• Gleann Mόr is offering affiliates 6% commission on all products;
• Free standard UK delivery on all orders;
• Gleann Mόr ships to worldwide;

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