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Finally, fair insurance. Urban Jungle provides Home Insurance designed to be simple, clear and fair. They’re one of the UK’s top-rated insurance providers rated Excellent on Trustpilot from 8,000+ reviews, and offer home insurance for both renters and homeowners.
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Program Policy
By becoming an Affiliate of Urban Jungle's Program, the Affiliate agrees to the following Terms & Conditions.
Standard Commission is £25 per sale. Average sales validation period is 30 days.
Affiliates must only use the marketing copy approved by Urban Jungle, approved copy is provided in the affiliate resource section.
Additionally, Affiliates may request bespoke copy from Urban Jungle or submit their own copy for review by Urban Jungle prior to use. Affiliates must receive written approval for new copy submitted to Urban Jungle before use.
Affiliates who choose to host their own copy and creative must agree to amend or remove this copy within 7 days upon being requested to do so by Urban Jungle, failure to comply with a request of this nature will result in the affiliate being suspended from Urban Jungle’s affiliate program.
The following conditions apply to affiliates that want to engage in their own advertising activity:
● No PPC permitted unless express permission is given by Urban Jungle in writing.
● Email affiliates are permitted however all copy and creative must be submitted to and approved in writing by Urban Jungle prior to broadcast.
● Contact Urban Jungle for clarification on the advertising channels that relate to this program specifically.
Sales are only valid if the purchase occurs within 30 days of a customer’s last click from an Affiliate’s TAG tracking link. Sales are only valid after a 14-day cancellation period. No commission will be due for Sales made and cancelled within 14-days of purchase.
Commission is not payable for referrals.
Urban Jungle reserves the right to de-duplicate publisher sales against other advertising channels including but not limited to; PPC, paid social advertising, email and display advertising, direct and affinity partnerships, and any other affiliate networks, where appropriate.
Urban Jungle reserves the right to terminate its relationship with the Affiliate immediately and no commissions will be paid for any such sales.

In accordance with FCA Rules, and for the avoidance of doubt, Affiliates must not and no commissions will be paid for sales where the Affiliates:
● advise Customers on any Insurance Business provided by Urban Jungle
● advise Customers on any aspect of Financial Services unless the Affiliate is specifically and separately authorised by the FCA to do so
● complete or assist Customers in completing proposal/application forms or any other forms of literature relating to services provided by Urban Jungle
● collect any Customers’ money or any assets relating to services provided by Urban Jungle
● enter into any premium financing arrangements with any Customer in relation to any Insurance Business provided by Urban Jungle
● complete or assist Customers in completing claim forms, nor play any role in the claims process whatsoever
Affiliates must not use myurbanjungle.com as their display URL – only Urban Jungle can use this domain.
Urban Jungle may terminate this agreement without cause at any time.