Tikkurila - Paint, sundries and associated tools

Tikkurila is a leading Nordic paint company whose products are manufactured from carefully chosen raw materials which meet the highest quality standards. We develop premium paints and services that provide our customers with advanced systems capable of standing the test of time and the harshest of weather.

Tikkurila UK was established in 1983 and has over the past 3 decades operated throughout the UK in sectors varying from interior design to nuclear engineering. We understand that making premium products is not enough we need to look after our customers big and small, the environment and our people. Our range of decorating and industrial products are all manufactured in Finland and are not altered for the UK market, we apply Scandinavian principals directly to our UK business. Sustainability, quality, support, service and ethical growth are fundamental to what we do.

Affiliates can benefit from:

5% CPA

Fast sales validation

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